In the wake of Covid-19

Arise is the safest place to resume training or start for the first time.

We have limited class sizes (no more than 10 participants) and the ability to highly control the distancing of members while they work out. Sanitation protocols are followed before and after each class. For class formats involving equipment use, you'll have your own designated weights, step, etc. that no one else touches.

We recommend bringing your own yoga mat, towel, and water bottle.

In accordance with state guidelines, participants who have been vaccinated are not expected to wear face coverings. For those who have not received a vaccination, face coverings are recommended.



With fun, engaging formats ranging from dance to yoga, our Group Fitness program will keep you having fun, torching calories, and building confidence!


While any exercise regimen you commit to is better than nothing, the BEST program is one custom-designed for you and executed with the help of a training professional.




"Prepare to see yourself change physically, mentally, and emotionally when you join!"

Dana S.



Arise Athletics is not your typical gym...

membership with us goes way beyond simply getting access to come through the door. It's our dedication to knowing your goal and taking an active role in guiding you there that makes our gym unique. 

The first step is your Goal Consultation. The purpose of this session is to get to know you, your unique history, and how we can partner with you in making your goal a reality. 

During this FREE consultation we will:

  • Learn what motivates and what challenges you

  • Learn what goals you've already set or help you determine them

  • Give an overview of our fitness philosophies and methods

  • Match your fitness goals to the right training program

  • Determine if Arise Athletics is the best solution for what you want to achieve!


Just tell us about yourself using the request form and we'll be in touch with you quickly to set up your consultation time. We look forward to meeting you!


-Giannina, Owner of Arise Athletics

Giannina Group Fitness instructor